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Secure Motorcycle Storage

Store your motorcycle in my secure, climate controlled, warehouse. We store only motorcycles, no cars, trucks or anything else.

Although most of my referrals are from local dealers that have sold motorcycles to international visitors, I am not a dealer or a motorcycle shop. I'm actually a Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle Surgeon. Ha ha. But I have a large, unmarked, concrete, sprinkled, alarmed, warehouse 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Mcarran International Airport.

All motorcycles are stored behind forklift placed concrete barriers and the overhead door is secured by my unmarked race transporter. There is armed security around the clock on the exterior perimeter.

Check in, check out available 24/7 with advance notice.

Call or text in advance, 702-758-3338, and I will pick you up at the airport. There are always cheap flights to Las Vegas from any destination in the world. Email flight itinerary to

Check Condor from Frankfort, Virgin Atlantic from London and Manchester, PAL from Manila, Korean Air from the ROK. Also check Thomas Cooke, Hawaiian, United, Delta, WestJet, Air Canada, US Air, and American for international flights directly to Las Vegas.

Domestically there are bargains galore especially with the Las Vegas based Allegiant Airlines, Southwest, Frontier, JetBlue, Alaskan, Spirit, etc, etc.

You don't have to lug your riding gear, ship it to the warehouse before and after your adventure. We also accept packages for you for tires, parts, and mail for those of you that have been on the road for weeks, months, or years.

If you are buying a motorcycle in Las Vegas you can register and insure it at the warehouse address in less than 2 hours. My personal insurance agent is 2 blocks from the warehouse. He carries all lines of motorcycle insurance including Progressive, Dairyland, and Foremost. His Suzuki is parked on the sidewalk in front of his office. I just paid $70 to insure my VFR800 for a year with Progressive. I paid $32 to register it at Nevada DMV.

Before and after your motorcycle adventure you can use my personal workshop on a first come, first served basis. Use my air compressor, wash rack, paint booth, tool chest, hydraulic lifts, welder, wheel stands, chain breaker, battery tender, parts washer, oil dump, etc, etc. I keep my workshop just like my operating room, clean, well lighted, and cool.

We can also transport your new bike to and from your dealer for warranty maintenance.

All motorcycle types are served: ADV, Sport-touer, Cruiser, Sportbike, Dual Sport, Off-road, and track day.

Post your ride report and pictures on our FaceBook page: "Las Vegas Motorcycle Storage."

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